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wedding 9/21/2013It’s now been 2 weeks since the event of the year. An event that was in the planning since she was old enough to notice boys. An event that will live in the memories of those who were present to share the event with each other.  Yes, we are talking about the wedding of Princess Katelyn and her new husband Daryl.  This was the wedding in which I was determined to lose 55 by age 55….(perhaps 20 by 55), the event of the century, the event that often times had just a hint of bridezilla bubbling to the surface, the event that every girl dreams of.  I will go on record as saying, as her mother, that she was absolutely beautiful, and appeared to be walking on air the entire evening.  Everything went as planned, except we forgot to unbustle her dress before she walked down the aisle…but she…

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Not Valentines Day Again….UGH


photo credit: ZazzlePlease tell me who invented the holiday that we call Valentines Day?  Because I, for one, would like to meet the barbarian, and politely punch him in the chops.  Who in the world hated mankind so much that they wanted to set aside a day just to make single women remember, once again, that they are alone.  Plus, we are forced to celebrate this horrid holiday in the middle of the coldest month, towards the end of winter.  Why not choose a date in spring when the flowers are blooming,  the sun is shining, and the animals are sashaying around the forest looking for mates?  But nooooooooooooo, some idiot plopped it a month when we have been cooped up for 3 months, and have reached the point that we have gained enough weight to sufficiently warm our bodies in the cold bed…..alone…..

A person can’t just ignore the date because the reminders are everywhere we look.  I remember when I was married, I would get the token flowers delivered to work.  I would show them off, and my co-workers were in awe at the wonderful gesture made by my husband.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them that in 2 weeks the bill would be arriving at my house, and I would need to figure out how to pay for the flowers with a budget that was already stretched to the limit.  It wasn’t his fault…he was doing what was expected of him.  If he was feeling really generous he would give me a slinky nightie…one that never seemed to get pulled out of the drawer because we had 4 kids and no energy.  Then he changed it up, and every year I would get a pair of matching etched crystal goblets, champagne glasses, or small plates that he got from the Avon lady.  Those are still featured proudly in my china cabinet.  Then the divorce happened, and Valentines day took on a new meaning. Now I am here to tell you that as a 50 (something), pleasingly plump, single woman….Valentines Day Sucks!

Forget trying to ignore the holiday, and go about your business.  There are romantic movies shown every evening leading up to the 14th, (fairy tales)…there are catalogs and magazine ads showing the latest in “barely there” nightwear (hurl)…there is a whole aisle dedicated to candy and chocolates at the super center (candy for one…not!)….there is a huge section of cards to mark the holiday (gag)…..and don’t forget the roses of various colors, the teddy bears with hearts all over them,  the chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne (burp), the cakes and cupcakes with the mushy love crap written all over them (great, more poundage on the rump) , and my personal favorite:  weekend getaways for the couple in love.

Me!So I guess I will pull up my big girl panties in a few weeks, I will ooohhhh and ahhhhh when my co-workers get their flowers, and I will continue to tell people that I am happy being a single woman.  I refuse to feel like the loser that I have portrayed myself to be in the photo on the left.  I will tell myself that while the holiday may  make a person painfully aware that they are alone, it only lasts 24 hours, and I can muddle through another one.  Because on February 15th I will treat myself, and will begin counting the days until spring…..when the sun will shine, the weather will warm up, the flowers will bloom and the animals will again be looking for potential mates.  And who knows…maybe next year I may be the one getting the roses…and candy….and chocolates…and teddy bears….and mushy cards…A girl can never shop hoping ♥


Mini Ham and Colby Sanwiches

  • 1/2 cup butter, melted
  • 2 tablespoons prepared mustard
  • 1 tablespoon dried minced onion
  • 1 tablespoon poppy seeds
  • 2 to 3 teaspoons sugar
  • 15 dinner rolls (about 3-inch diameter), sliced
  • 15 slices Colby cheese
  • 15 thin slices deli ham (about 1 pound)
  • 2 cups (8 ounces) shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese

  • In a small bowl, combine the butter, mustard, onion, poppy seeds and sugar. Place roll bottoms, cut side up, in an ungreased 15-in. x 10-in. x 1-in. baking pan. Top each with Colby cheese, ham and mozzarella. Drizzle with half of the butter mixture.
  • Replace roll tops. Drizzle with remaining butter mixture. Bake, uncovered, at 350° for 10-15 minutes or until cheese is melted. Yield: 15 servings.

Did We Need to Know That?


photo credit: Amazon.comThere are only a few television shows that I will actually sit and watch.  One of my new favorites is Duck Dynasty.  It is my absolute favorite!  Those  Robertson men….whoo whee!  The show makes me laugh and I love that at the end of every episode they gather around the table to share grace and a meal.  The nights they have the marathons, I stay up too late, and then dream of alligators, swamps, duck calls, shotguns, and being chased on an ATV by a mysterious bearded man.  Plus, Miss Kay, there is a real lady….and a woman who appears to be completely loved by her husband….something that women over the world search for.  My problem it that my 13 years old daughter also loves Duck Dynasty, and that is not the real problem.  The problem is the commercials.  Holy cow!  I am sure that the advertisers have the misguided idea that the male viewers greatly outnumber the female viewers.  Therefore we are forced to watch commercial after commercial about the malady that we in the medical field refer to as ED.  Now, I know these things happen to a great number of men, but for petes sake, is nothing sacred anymore?  First off, I am uncomfortable talking about the birds and the bees with my daughter, let alone having to explain why the bird is having trouble keeping the bee happy.  Plus, my memory is fading at this point in my life, making the subject more agonizing.  I watch these couples giving each other “the eye” and then they dance from the porch swing hand in hand to the deep recesses of the house.  Do I need to know that he had to take a little blue pill in order to “carry on?”  My favorite one is when they are each in a different claw foot tub, holding hands, watching a sunset on a beach.  Really?  That one doesn’t even make sense to me, so how can I can’t even begin to explain that one to her……..If memory serves me right, even “the pill” won’t help him is she’s in another tub?  Come on Robertson men….you really don’t the women watching your show to go from watching you to thinking about ED… I right 🙂

It’s bad enough that we have to see commercials on tampons that expand and fit you like a glove, or see women showing off their matching bras and underwear, or various “he/she” products on the market that will make fireworks go off on your bedroom ceiling.  I can tolerate explaining the commercials about the need for eating yogurt to help keep your colon clean,  where to call to buy personal catheters or diabetic supplies, who to call to sue the company that furnished that bum hip or knee you had implanted, where to purchase a scooter at no cost, how to get rid of belly fat, but these ones on ED….too far.  Although it does give me comfort to see that the men in these commercials are my age, so since I’m not dating at this point in my life I’m not missing much?  Bzzzzzzzzzzz ♥

I wanted to add an addendum here….after pondering it over….if the day comes that I fall in love again, it won’t matter if he need a blue pill, yellow pill, green pill, white pill or no pill at all, because at the end of the day LOVE is all that matters.  The rest of that mumbo jumbo  is immaterial ♥♥

Things My Mom Told Me


photo credit:teachmetotalk.comWhile listening to Christmas music last night, I became lost in memories of the holidays of past.  This is how my mind works, I start to think about one thing, and that leads to another, which leads to another… on and so on…until I end up with memories in my brain that have nothing to do with the original thought.  Follow me???? It you can’t, don’t feel bad….and if you can follow me…all I can say is “WOWZA ! AM I IMPRESSED!”   Anyway, I was remembering some wise words of advise given to me throughout my life by my number one fans: my parents.  I will now try to share some of them, and then add some of my thoughts on them now that I am an adult.

 1.  A man will never buy the cow when he can get the milk free over the fence.   While most teenage girls get the “talk” on the birds and the bees, sometime prefaced with a cute little book, I get the speech about cows and free milk.   My mom received a phone call from my high school health teacher telling her to please give me the “talk” because I was asking too many questions in class.  The only reason I know this is because I was listening on the extension phone.  The talk never came… just knew that you shouldn’t have sex until marriage….end of story…can I get an amen!  It took me a long time to figure out the correlation between the cow and the milk…especially since all I knew about sex was from a health ed textbook.

                                                  2.  Don’t be in a position with your boyfriend that would cause you to be embarrassed if the Lord appeared at that moment. I will admit that that one kept me out of many back seats when I was in high school.  Now that I am older I realize that the Lord knows where I am every minute of the day, so I am sure he would not be surprised if he found my in an unsatisfactory situation.  Again…. since I was still pondering the cow/milk advise I was unsure what should be embarrassing  at that point.

                                                 3.  Don’t go outside with your hair wet, You will catch pneumonia!  Since I have been a nurse for 30 plus years I can safely debunk that one.  Although it does make for a mighty cold trip to where ever you are going, and in my case, air-dried hair equals lots of frizz and curls…not good!  Plus everyone knows that you catch pneumonia from the cow trying to get the milk…who did she think she was fooling….. 🙂

                                                  4.  You are who your friends are!  Ok, now I will give that one to her.  It is true that people judge you by company you keep.  Right or wrong, it happens.  I have gotten in trouble in the past by just association with someone who was in trouble.  It’s not fair…but it’s life.  I lost a friend in grade school because she came from the “wrong side of the tracks” (there’s another one)  Of course, it couldn’t have had anything to do with the fact that I got into situations with her that I never would have thought of on my own?

                                                  5.  Why do you step over those clothes on the step…take them up with you!  Our laundry was on the main floor, our bedrooms were upstairs, so mom would put our clean folded laundry on the steps and we were to take them up and put them away.  I saw them there, I did step over them, but in my defense I didn’t need that particular outfit for the next day, so why take it up to my room.  Plus they seldom went upstairs, so they weren’t stepping over them, therefore whats the beef?

                                                 6.  If you sh** in your nest, you will have to sleep in it!  Ok, first off, I had no idea where my nest was, and last time I checked I had full control of my bodily functions.  The last time I got this warning was when I was dating a young man who my dad despised.  He kept telling me that he knew things about this guy and if I continued dating him, my bags would be packed and waiting on the porch.  Even though I was 17 and I thought I loved this young man, I loved my nest more, so poof…he was history.

                                                7.  Pull in your horns!  This one was mainly aimed at my sister Kelly.  She had a terrible temper…..and I was an angel…enough said.

                                                8.  Don’t sit so close to the tv.  It’s bad for your eyesight.  I laugh now as I sit at my computer, with my glasses off, because I can’t read the screen with them on….perhaps they had a point?

                                                9.  Welcome to womanhood for happy days are here again.  These were the only words of advice we received as we became “women”…along with a saddle sized pad and a belt being flung from the cracked bathroom door.   Young women now days don’t know how lucky they have it with the press on pads.

                                              10.  They can never take you education away from you!   My parents both left high school and entered the work force, bypassing college.  It was understood since we were little that we would go to college.  There were no questions, it was expected.  As girls my mom stressed how important it was that we could support ourselves financially without a mans help.  Thank heavens for that one!

My parents were wise, wonderful, strict, loving, sometimes hard-nosed, stubborn parents and to this day I applaud them for making me what I am, good or bad.  I miss them every day, but boy what memories.  Hug yours today, because the day will come that they remain in your life as just a memory ♥

Wanted: A Good Man


 In 2005 my ex-husband and I separated.  As anyone who has gone through a divorce knows, there are emotions involved that you don’t even realize you knew you could have.  I had taken a break from nursing and I was running our family business, Pop’s, in our small town.  Stepping into Pops was like a step back in time.  One one side when you walk in is a wall of candy, some that I remember as a kid, one side has a soda fountain and ice cream, there is seating in the back with booths, and one area was used to serve lunch during the week.   We sold the business after my dad died in 2007, but I have many fond memories of my adventure as a business owner. Maddie was in first grade, so it was wonderful to be able to pick her up after school and bring her to the store until I was finished for the day.  Pops became her second home, and my fellow co-workers became her extended family.  Every customer that came through the door knew Maddie, she is just that type of kid who doesn’t know a stranger.  My daughter Katelyn had left that fall for college, so it was Maddie and I against the world.  I soon found that I needed to return to my nursing job on a part-time basis to secure health insurance, so I was kept very busy running the store, working a few days a week as a nurse, and adjusting to life on my own.

My ex-husband began dating about 6 months after our separation, and Maddie and the new girlfriend seemed to get along well.  While he and I had a rocky relationship for a while, I supported him in his effort to move on, and Maddie knew he had my blessing.  I think it made it easier on her, because she had already had enough changes in her life at that point.  She was always worried about me being alone.  I would tell her over and over that mom was busy enough without worrying about dating, and that I had her and that was enough.  She continued to worry about my being alone, no matter how much I tried to reassure her.  It was so  hard to explain to a 6-year-old that meeting a man was the last thing on my list at that point.  One day at the store, during the rushed lunch hour, I noticed people reading something attached to the cooler as they picked up their food.  They would read this note and giggle, often times turning around to smile at me, some giving me a thumbs up sign.  I had no idea what was going on.  We were busy, so I forgot all about it until I was sweeping up after lunch and found this paper she had taped to the cooler at some point that night before.

That little stinker had become a match maker.  I laughed so hard as I peeled it off of the cooler.  You can see that it is all crumpled from being folded up in my wallet for 6 years.  I appreciate the slim body she gave me, and it was nice that she pointed out that only “boys” need apply.  I still smile when I think of the love this little girl had in her heart for me as she was trying to make me happy.  I don’t even know why I have kept this note all of these years, but I do know that Maddie was way cooler that any dating website that has been created.  You go girlfriend, I love you and your ingenuity. You are truly a gift from God ♥

Moms Wisdom


Often times as parents our words come back to haunt us.  Tonight we were in the check out line at the local Walmart, and as I tried to pull the diet Pepsi from the bottom of the cart to be scanned, I hit my knuckle on the cart and quite frankly….it hurt.  I am trying to wrestle this soda out of that stupid shelf on the cart,  the top of my hand is hurting, and I am trying not to curse and swear like the sailor my mouth can become.  All of the sudden I hear the sweet angelic voice of my 13 year old announce: “Hike your skirt up Nancy!”  The check out lady said “What did she just say?” and I repeated what that she had told me to hike my skirt up and quite complaining.  I figured she felt Maddie was disrespectful to me, but she just roared in laughter and told me she needed to remember that the next time her young co-worker started her constant complaining about her life.  I just looked at Maddie and shook my head, for these words were just coming back to bite me in the behind.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have told my kids to “hike up their skirts” or to “pull up their granny panties” because I just didn’t want to hear their complaining.

I have many favorites, and will not hesitate to pull them out when needed.  It started when my kids were toddlers, and would try to talk to me while whining.  There is nothing that grates on my nerves more than a whining child.  I would just look at them, and in a calm voice tell them to go away and come back when they could talk in a normal voice.  Most of the time it worked, because kids are smarter than we give them credit for.  My mom was the best at doling out words of wisdom, which I, of course, find my self repeating.  I always hated when she would try to pick my friends.  The Marilynism was: ” YOU ARE WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE SHELLY SUE!”  I actually had to stop being friends with another classmate when I was in junior high, at her insistence.  I didn’t understand her reasoning at the time, but now I do…..I would have gotten into a lot of trouble had we remained friends. When I began dating, she didn’t give me the S.E.X speech…shhhhhh….we didn’t talk about that…..but she did look me in the eye and said “Don’t do anything tonight that would cause  Jesus to be disappointed in you if he appeared at that moment.”  Wow…I didn’t even know where to go with that one….but it did keep my out of the back seats of  many cars.   Then there were the original quotes such as: “If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?” and ” Just because so and so has one, doesn’t mean you have to have one too!” and then to ever famous “Because I said so!”

My sister was a star basketball player in high school, and had  a bit of a temper.  She somehow managed to rack up  many technicals every basketball season.  Mom and Dad would sit in the bleachers with matching t-shirts that said ‘My kid is number 24″ and then cringe in horror as the ref blew the whistle, made the sign of the T, and pointed to Kelly.  Kelly would then head towards the ref….face and neck red from anger…and at this point my dad would stand up in the bleachers and yell “Pull your horns in Kelly Jo!”  I must point out that my dad was 6 foot 2 with a deep voice, so when he yelled, people listened.  Somehow this usually stopped my 6 foot sister in her tracks, and the coach was then able to step between her and the ref. ( I think for the safety of the ref )  I have used that line with my kids too.  When we would make a bad decision there wasn’t a lot of coddling….but we did hear “Well you sh## in your nest,  so you just need to sleep in it!”  What exactly does that mean anyway?   I guess the way I look at it, repeating the wisdoms of the generation before us is a way of honoring their good judgement.  Even if we don’t know exactly where our horns are, or where exactly the “nest” is. ♥

Help Me, My Hearts Broken



 My heart is broken…’s hurting….I don’t know what to do……I don’t know what to say….my good friend is going through a break up and I don’t know what to do.  What are the right words to say, what can I do to ease her pain?  Not too long ago I was in her position, and my heart was broken in what I felt was a million tiny pieces?  You know that feeling when there seems to be darkness surrounding you, and no matter how hard you try you can’t stop crying.  Friends and family surround you and try to make you feel better.  You pull yourself out of bed day after day thinking “today will be the day that the sun will shine on my soul.”  You pray to God to give you peace, and to let some happiness return into your life.  It is the time in your life where you start questioning God, if He is in your life.  “Why did this happen to me?”  “Why can’t I find a happy relationship like those who seem to be all around me?”  “What could I have done to make him want to stay with me?” “How could he have done this to me?”  Of course these same questions go for both sexes after a break up, but the women appear to suffer more.

After taking 2 years to recover (almost fully), I feel I am almost an expert at what to say to my friend, but she is not at a point to hear my words.  This is the point where we just need to sit and listen and let her talk.  Sometimes a person just needs to talk it out without anyone judging or adding unneeded advice.  I had such a wonderful support system that I knew I was going to be ok.   At some point she will realize that God does have a grand plan, and that this heartbreak will at some point pass and there will be someone even better put into her life.  Eventually the pain will subside and the light will again shine on her soul and her heart will begin healing.  That person who has hurt her so badly will begin to fade from her memory and she will begin to forget the pain, while remembering the good times without sadness.  Slowly that heavy weight that is pressing down on her chest will begin easing up and the smiles will come easier.    Those around her will still love her, and the day will come when Gods true plan will be revealed.  At that point we who have been hurt to our core will be able to realize that those heartbreaks were just a stepping stone to something much better.  So my friend, I am here if at any time you just need to talk.  Please realize that you deserve better, even though you may not realize it yet.  If a person disrespects you, then they need to “push on” down the road.  They are simply not worth it, and deserve no place in your life.  I had to learn to just sit quietly and do nothing….just sit quietly.  It is amazing what that does for you, because you are able to sort so many things out and put them in order.  I will admit that I went to counseling for 6 weeks after my breakup because I just couldn’t make sense of anything.  In 6 short weeks the wonderful counselor I saw was able to put things in order for me.  One of  the best thing she recommended was for me to listen to “Letting Go” by Joe Cocker.  Yes, my friend, the time will come for “letting go,” and when that time comes the sun will shine again.  Moving on can indeed be a good thing, I promise!   I love you my friend ♥