Put Them All Together They Spell M.O.T.H.E.R

Moms senior picture...beautiful!


That simple song that we was always worked into the Mother-Daughter banquets at church years ago. I can remember proudly sitting next to my mother, along with my two sisters, and thinking I surely had the best mother in the room. Not one woman could ever have topped her.  She has been gone for almost 15 years now, although if I sit quietly and let my mind wander back I can still see her like it was yesterday.  How fitting is the song MOTHER?  I can remember growing up looking at my mom and I was in awe at the beauty she brought to our lives.  She always was the last to eat, the last to leave the house, the last to get into the car, that last to buy new clothes, the last to go to bed, the last to sit down for the evening.  She was the first to get up in the morning, the first to volunteer to help where needed, the first to organize any event that needed organizing, the first to be there for anyone that needed help.

M is for the many things she gave me:  Where does one begin to possibly to realize the things a mother has given for her children?  She started by giving me life and then spent the rest of hers being sure my and my sisters lives were as wonderful as she was able to give.  By being such a wonderful role model she gave me the skills to run a tight home, to try and be fair when raising my children, although I have stumbled just as I am sure she felt that way at times. She taught by example, always be kind to everyone, no matter what their circumstances, even when they are unkind to you, and always be humble. No matter what, she put on a brave face and tackled what life threw her way.

O means only that she’s growing old. Unfortunately my mom was taken from us at the age of 63.  Way too soon and very unfair that she worked so very hard through her life, only to be called home soon after retiring.  One thing I know for sure is that she never complained about being ill, or being scared knowing that her days on earth were coming to an end.  She had such poise and grace, and in turn gave us the poise and grace to let her live the last months of her life as she wanted, surrounded by family.  Family was very important to her, and that was also passed on to her girls.  We all go on vacation together just as our entire extended family vacationed together when we were young.  My mom will forever be young and vibrant in my mind.

T is for the tears she shed to save meWhere does a daughter begin to explain her regrets at the tears that she had caused her mom through her life?  I know I caused both happy and sad tears to flow from my moms eyes, and every tear caused me more pain than her.  I remember telling her that ‘I hated her’ and then stormed up to my room.  I felt so bad that I went downstairs and found her crying in the living room. My mom was not a crier, so I knew at that point I had hurt her to her core. From that point on I never uttered those words again. When I lost my son I remember going into the house before the funeral and breaking down telling her that I didn’t think I could go through with it. She just gently ran her hand through my hair and said that I would in fact get through the funeral.  As the tears were falling from her eye she reminded me that this experience would make me a stronger woman.  How wise were those words?  How did she know the truth in that sentence? Only one way, and that was from her personal experience of going through the fire and coming out an even better and stronger person.

H is for her heard of purest gold!  If there actually is a heart of purest gold then hers was the biggest.  Again she taught by example, from taking groceries to those in need, to hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at the church for those who had no where to go (at our family’s expense), to having our family give up Christmas presents so we could buy for a family in need (way before that was the cool thing to do), to feeding the less fortunate kids breakfast at school when she knew they were hungry, especially after being told that it wasn’t her job (again at her expense), to showing kindness and a smile to everyone, from the cashier at the grocery store to the waitress in the restaurant.  Everyone deserved the same respect.

E if for her eyes with love light shining. Anyone who knew Marilyn knew that once you asked her about her children and grandchildren that “love light” shone like a beacon in the darkest night.  Her kids and grandchildren were her life, they were the reason she was put on this earth. For that I will be eternally grateful to the woman that I was honored to call my mom.  She loved us all the same, but for different reasons because not a one of us is the same.  Three different personalities, three different life choices, three different wants and needs.  There was nothing she would not do for her children and grandchildren.  Unselfish and incredibly giving.

R means right and right she’ll always be. Well I am here to tell you right now that she was always 99% right and there was a 99% chance of you winning an argument or debate.  She was one of the most intelligent self taught woman I have ever known.  She raised three daughters to be strong women, and we knew once we graduated from high school we WOULD GO TO COLLEGE!!! In her eyes we needed to be able to take care of ourselves if we were alone.  If wasn’t a debate, it was a fact! She worked very hard, often time having 2 jobs, and she always wanted our lives to be better than hers.  Isn’t that what every mother wants?  I have always wanted my kids to do better than me, and to grow up to be loving responsible people.  They have all achieved my dream of them excelling in life.  I am so incredibly proud of my children and step children.  They are all amazing young people who respect others, love God, while also being humbled at what life has given them.  If I have been half of the mother to them as my mother was to me then I can leave this earth knowing I have completed the job that the good Lord entrusted me with.  There are no manuals that come along with these babies, but I was blessed with the best role model in the world, and that made my job a no brainer!  If your mom is still with you, please give her a hug and an “I Love You” and don’t take for granted that she will be here next Mothers day.  For now I will send my mom her Happy Mothers Day wish tonight before I go to bed when I say my evening prayers.