Here We Go…

The day has arrived.  I have finished all of the requirements to get to this day.  I have had my physical, my EKG, my blood work, and my pre-op appointment with the surgeon.  I have gone to the “Loan Closet” and secured a walker with gliders on the front and wheels on the back, a raised toilet seat, and a quad cane.  I have been to the grocery store and filled not only the fridge in the kitchen, but also the “shopping fridge” (as we call it) in the garage, and all 3 freezers in the basement.  I think at some point I have confused being laid up for a few weeks for a possible apocalypse?  The laundry is all caught up thanks to the 16 year old beautiful child that lives with us, folded and neatly put away by momma.  The house is clean, although I will vacuum before I leave (just so I feel better)!  I made taco and BBQ and we put that in the freezer for quick meals.  Madison is ready to be the “woman of the house” with one condition….she will NOT make roasted cauliflower!  My husband and ROCK is in the shower and will be making me a piece of dry toast that I will savor and enjoy in a few minutes. (he spoils me with breakfast every morning)

So by 12:30 I will hopefully be wheeled back to the surgical suite and Dr. Norris will begin the process that will greatly improve my mobility and give me some relief.  I told him to be sure that he gets a good nights rest before today and he just smiled.  I have asked for prayers from my friends and I know that God will be standing right behind the surgeon with his hands guiding him every step of the way.  We will be going to his office before the hospital so that my knees can be marked (although this confuses me since both are being done) but who am I to question?  My heart warms at the thought of family members that will spend a loooonnnngggg day waiting, because I know for a fact it is easier to be the patient instead of the one waiting.  I have been blessed beyond anything I had ever envisioned.  And when I get discouraged I will remember those who have supported me and will push on.  My motto will continue to be “If God Brings You To It, He Will Bring You Through It!” I GOT THIS!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥


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