55 by 55….week 7



photo credit:medifastsupriseaz,com

This was a good week, a good week indeed!  I got a wonderful surprise when we weighed in today and I showed a loss of 3 pounds.  The wonderful thing is that the second number in my current weight went down a number….such as instead of 133…it was 123…..Ha!  as if that was my real weight, but you know what I mean.  I have finally been able to see a new second number and that is very exciting to me!  I remember cheating a lot this week, or should I say, I continued to eat as I will eat the rest of my life.  I am continuing with the water, and have been avoiding colas….but I will admit I had a can of Diet Coke Saturday night that seemed to greatly interfere with my sleep….Huh…that never happened in the past.  The weather is finally turning nice so I will begin walking soon….other than that, I am pleased as punch! (did someone say punch and cookies?) ♥


5 responses to “55 by 55….week 7

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  2. Dear Shelly, I sat last night and read your blog about your weight loss journey. As usual you made me laugh! The strange thing is it was like reading my own journal, as if you could read my mind, see into my soul. I too have been addressing my weight and my health, I too am a healthy overweight person. No problems with blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars were good, I was just fat! My journey continues and I’m learning about my demons, food to me is like liquor to an alcoholic, like crack to a druggie, or a cigarettes to a chain smoker. I don’t use food to sustain life but as an answer to everything. I have been fortunate enough to have been successful over the past year and have lots a lot of weight. As I’m trying to learn to live like a thin person the fat person inside me sometimes (on a daily basis) try’s to kill the thinner me! It is a constant battle which lately I feel I have been loosing. But I’m not a quitter!!! This is a journey, not a race and sometimes I have to take it minute by minute, step by step. This journey we call life has dealt us a crazy hand (it could be so much worse than being plump). One thing I have wished for was a “sponsor” you know like AA has, someone to call or text when I get the urge to eat when my body really isn’t hungry? What do you think?? Maybe we should all help each other.

    • Deb, I is so amazing to realize I am not alone with my weight battle, and that I am not the only weak on out there. I too had the horrible habit of eating according to my emotions. I am slowly starting to listen to my body and try to eat to survive instead of mindless chomping. I would love to be a lifeline that you can text when things get rough….and I must say that you look so good, and you have been an inspiration to me as well! I can private message you my phone number on face book if you are interested!
      Heres to the second half of our lives being the best yet!

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