55 by 55….week 4


photo credit: flabtofab2010.

I had to choose this photo because it sums up my strange view of my body.  I only look in a mirror on the average of once a day, in the morning, when I put on my makeup and do my hair for the day.  Otherwise I avoid looking at myself in bathroom mirrors, reflective window panes, rear view mirrors, or any reflective surface.  I even open the bathroom mirror a notch in order to avoid seeing myself when I get out of the shower.  There are just some things that are better kept under wraps, if you know what I mean.  Plus the thought of getting into a relationship……oops…not gonna happen at this point in my life.  So for 3 weeks now I have continued to struggle every day with my obsession with food.  Of course it didn’t help that I purchased 2 packages of Mega Stuffed Oreos last week.  I have limited myself to 2 a day, and I will admit that they are staving off some wicked cravings.  I really am trying to see this as a lifestyle change and not a diet.  I keep repeating that this weight didn’t go on in one day, and it will take twice as long to get it off.  The positive thing is that for the first time I haven’t given up.  I think this is partially due to holding myself accountable through this blog.  Weird huh?

As I said before, my friend, daughter and I have formed a Biggest Loser group at work and this was our first official weigh in today.  We each took turns stepping on the groaning scale (or at least I swear I heard it wince when I stepped on), wrote down our weights and then had to laugh when Diane couldn’t remember the password to get into the computer file where last weeks weights were stored.  We must have tried 500 different passwords…with no luck…so today we started all over.  I am ashamed to say that I didn’t write down last weeks weight, but if Diane remembered right, I have lost another 3.5 pounds.  I went to the Doctor yesterday for a wellness physical for my insurance company and it showed I lost 2 pounds since I was there several months ago.  I didn’t have the guts to tell them that I had gained about 10 since then…….

I have tried to many diets in the past….we used to go to Weight Watchers in a neighboring town and then go to Hardees for a meal after our weigh in’s.  When I owned Pops Sweet Shop my co-workers and I started a diet and made it a competition, each following our own diets.  We paid a dollar a week, and then had a penalty of another dollar is we gained.  We taped up a large sour cream container and put our money through a slot in the top with the intention that at the end we would take the money and treat ourselves to a wonderful night out as “skinny” friends.  We should have known it was a lost cause when we called ourselves “The Pops Porkers”……it still makes me giggle to this day 🙂 We tried hard for about a month, then we fizzled out and donated that money to charity.  I really can’t say I am following a certain diet, but I am continuing to make good choices and gradually easing into a healthier lifestyle.  the weather is going to change soon, and the walking will begin.  So that’s it for this week….things seem to be moving at a snails pace, but they are moving in the right direction.  I can’t wait until I lose enough that others will notice..although the usually backfires on my because I get cocky and start “cheating” more….but since I am not denying myself any type of foods at this point, maybe it will be ok.  Bring on week 4 ♥


This is an easy tasty roast beef recipe that was given to me by Teresa Cirks.

1 beef chuck roast

1 package of dry AuJus seasoning mix

1 package Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix

Put about 1 cup of water in the bottom of your crock pot.

Rub both sides of the roast with the Au Jus and Hidden Valley Ranch mix and put in the crock pot.

I cut up a large onion and put it in too.

She put carrots in when she made it.

Cook on low for 8 hours.

* I shredded up the left over beef and added it to the juice. I then froze it for sandwiches at a later date


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