Marlin and Jim Please Step Aside For Mike


hilobrow When I was a young girl in the 60’s we would gather around the TV to watch Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom on Sunday nights.  For one hour we would watch Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler trek into the wild to feature animals from birds to elephants.  They would put themselves in harm’s way to show the American public what the world had to offer as far as dangerous and beautiful animals.  I would sit with eyes glued on the screen, often times having to cover my eyes at the thought of handsome Jim getting torn apart by a tiger, or stomped to death by a rhino.  Now, animals have always been fine in my life, if they are at a distance.  I am not really a pet lover, I don’t like the accidents, shedding hair, or hidden surprises left in the corner.  I always figured raising 4 kids involved enough messes and drama without adding a pet to the mix.  Sorry…that’s just me….critters and I will never be friends.

Now I am convinced that the members of the world of nature have zoned in on my dislike of them.  In the past 2 years I have had to call my brother-in-law Mike over from across the street 4 times to become my personal Marlin Perkins.  Several summers ago, I went into my garage to get a hammer, and while opening and shutting drawers I noticed what looked like a fur hat in one of the drawers.  I did what was expected of me, I screamed like a girl and called for Katelyn to come outside.  I instructed her to open that drawer and tell me what she saw.  She cautiously opened the drawer, saw the hat.. noted that it was breathing, and mimicked me with a matching girl scream.  She then bolted from the garage and we stood by the door screaming like it was going to eat us alive.  Over comes my neighbor, James, who then crept into the garage and looked into the drawer.  This time the fur hat is mad and raised its head to snarl at James.  He made tracks getting out of the garage and there we all stood trying to figure out how to get this rectified.  We send for Mike, who was raised on a farm (as close to nature that I can think of), and he comes over armed with a gun and bucket.  As I stood in my neighbor’s yard petrified, Mike makes quick work of extracting the full-grown opossum from my drawer and leaves with it in a bucket.  I was in awe of his bravery!

That next fall Maddie and I woke up and heard birds singing…but sounding a little too close?  We cautiously went downstairs and there were 2 beautiful, rather large birds, hanging onto the fireplace screen….just chirping to beat the band.  Thank goodness that the screen is one that curves up and covers the whole fireplace opening.  First I put a brick against the screen so it wouldn’t fall over, then called Mike.  He came over later and POOF…birds were gone.  I was not home, so I have no idea how he got them out, and it’s probably better that I not know.    Last fall it was a bat, of which I wrote a blog about.  The hunting of that bat was a family affair, or should I say Mike, Kelly, Jared and Maddie, with me holding the front door open while standing outside on the porch.  I told them it was a good position for me because I could watch for the bat and leave an easy escape route for it at the same time. My nephew found the flying rat hanging onto the back of my valance in my upstairs hallway.  Mike, the bat slayer, then gently grabbed it, came onto the porch and let it go free.

Last night I was on the computer downstairs and Maddie was upstairs playing Sims on her computer. We both heard a loud boom, but neither of us acted on it because we each thought the other one dropped something of significant heft. (actually she probably thought I had fallen and would press my Life Alert button if I needed help)  We shared thoughts later as we were getting ready for bed, and determined that something must have happened outside to cause that loud boom.  This morning we were still talking it over as I was pulling out of the driveway to take her to the bus and we saw it….and everything fell in to place.  On my sidewalk, on the side of my house, lay a Canadian Goose….deader than a doornail.  It must have slammed into my house last night in the thick fog, with such force that it broke its neck and tumbled down to my sidewalk.  We just sat there for a few seconds with our mouths hanging open staring at this poor creature.  Of course,  Maddie then bolted into the house to get my phone to snap a picture, as I am trying to avoid hurling in my car.

I drop off my young teenager at school, and watch her race to her friends, ready to tell her awesome story, and I return home to stare at this bird.  What in the world am I to do now…I can get my snow shovel and scoop it up, but where do I go with it after that?  I can probably get it  into one of my Hefty Force Flex bags, but where do I go with it after I have it bagged?  Then I do the only thing I know to do….I leave a message with my sister to send Mike over when he gets home.  A few minutes ago he arrived, pitch fork in hand (see men just know the right tools needed for the job), and came to the back door in amazement.  He said he thought I had my birds mixed up, and was expecting a black bird……and was totally shocked to see a small Canadian Goose laying there. Now I know I’m not Marlin, or Jim, but I know a goose when I see one.  He said I was lucky it didn’t hit one of the windows, because the force would have propelled it into my bedroom. YIKES!!!! I told him that I have been hearing a goose around the house this morning, and he said that geese mate for life, so it maybe it’s mate is looking for it.  That saddens me to my core…maybe I have some heart for natures animals after all?  I had to get one final picture of Mike and the goose….and we said our goodbyes….



Crock pot Chicken and Noodles

This recipe comes from my good friend Jan Hovey

1 large can chicken broth (or 3 small cans)

1 family size cream of chicken soup

4 boneless chicken breasts

1 stick of butter

24 oz of egg noodles ( used the one that are like homemade, thicker in cut)

Put first 4 ingredients in crock pot and cook on low for 7 hours.

Remove chicken, shred and return to pot.

Add the uncooked noodles, cover and cook on HIGH for 1 hour.

Season to taste.

Very yummy and makes your house smell like heaven!  Enjoy 🙂


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