This is another chapter in my ex-husbands fight against cancer, told through my daughters eyes.


  One evening I received a phone call from my dad asking if I would take him to his upcoming colonoscopy. He had been experiencing some issues and his gastroenterologist wanted a colonoscopy to make sure everything was ok. I have patients with the same  symptoms he was experiencing, so I figured it was something minute. I remember getting into the car and he sighed and said, “I just hope it’s not cancer.” I laughed thinking he was just being dramatic. I said, “Dad, I have patients with these symptoms all the time and everything turns out fine.” 

  We got to the office and they took him back to get ready for the procedure. When he was all set, the nurse came to the waiting room and said I could come back now. I sat there watching tv with dad without a worry in the world. I wasn’t nervous…

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