Dear Cancer



Dear Cancer:  Your name is probably the most feared word in the English language, especially when it is aimed at someone you love.  You took my mothers life, you caused my dad to lose part of his lung, you caused my sister to lose her thyroid, you took my grandfathers life, you took one of my favorite uncles life, you threatened my aunt, but she fought and won the battle against you, and now you are once again rearing your ugly head in my life.  I would like to announce publicly that quite frankly I am tired of you!  I have shed too many tears over the havoc you have played in my life.  I wish you would go away, and never come back!  How smug you must feel as you invade the bodies of those we love, and how powerful you must feel thinking you are smarter than the human race.  Sometimes you present yourself so that a person has reason to believe there is something amiss in their body and they seek help.  Unfortunately, often times you sneak up like a thief in the night, unwilling to make yourself known until it is too late.  That is a dirty rotten trick and you are not playing fairly.  Just the thought of you makes a person cower in fear, until they realize that there is always a chance you can be crushed like a bug.  It amazes me that each and every time your name is added to a persons medical chart, your simple 5 letter name turns a persons world upside down.  What is it that makes you invade a healthy cell and turn it into a cell that multiplies and turns against the body?  Don’t you realize that life itself gives a person enough knock downs without you coming along and complicating things more? You are no longer welcome here, and you need to be banished forever!

See, here’s the thing, cancer….for everything you throw at us, we will stand up and throw it back in your face!  For we have talented educated doctors, superior surgeons, amazing scientists, powerful drugs, and medical machinery to beat you to death!  We have prayer warriors and the love of family members!  We have hope and we have faith!  We have determination and intelligence!  While your name makes a person feel alone, that person soon finds out that they are surrounded by those who will move heaven and earth so they wont feel alone.  Your diagnosis, cancer, causes us to seek out the best care, to create the perfect game plan, and to succeed in winning the war that you have declared!  We will fight together, we will network, we will become educated, we will stand tall, we will pray, we will bargain, we will use whatever is in our power to defeat you!  One thought has surfaced in my mind as I write this blog…..IF GOD BRINGS YOU TO IT…HE WILL SEE YOU THROUGH IT…

So remember, cancer, you may win a few, but you lose more than you win. Your problem, cancer, is that you prey on the strong.  Don’t you know, cancer, that the fight would be easier if you challenged the weak?   Because, cancer, something changes in a person when you rear your ugly head….we summon the strength, we begin the battle, the weak become strong in spirit, we reassess what is important in life, and we won’t give up….EVER!!!!


3 responses to “Dear Cancer

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  2. Wow, Shelly! This is a different style of writing for you; taking Cancer, such a dreaded word, and basically say, ‘listen here, Cancer…”. …”This may not be easy for friends and family, but you will never truly defeat us, never strip away from us the support we will give those we care for that have cancer!” Yes, Shelly, you have put cancer on notice! JP

    • You know JP…I just wanted to tell it off! Cancer makes me so angry and makes a person feel so helpless….but it needed to be said and I feel better now! Thanks for the support, and thanks for taking the time to read my blogs. It means a lot to me!

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