Did We Need to Know That?


photo credit: Amazon.comThere are only a few television shows that I will actually sit and watch.  One of my new favorites is Duck Dynasty.  It is my absolute favorite!  Those  Robertson men….whoo whee!  The show makes me laugh and I love that at the end of every episode they gather around the table to share grace and a meal.  The nights they have the marathons, I stay up too late, and then dream of alligators, swamps, duck calls, shotguns, and being chased on an ATV by a mysterious bearded man.  Plus, Miss Kay, there is a real lady….and a woman who appears to be completely loved by her husband….something that women over the world search for.  My problem it that my 13 years old daughter also loves Duck Dynasty, and that is not the real problem.  The problem is the commercials.  Holy cow!  I am sure that the advertisers have the misguided idea that the male viewers greatly outnumber the female viewers.  Therefore we are forced to watch commercial after commercial about the malady that we in the medical field refer to as ED.  Now, I know these things happen to a great number of men, but for petes sake, is nothing sacred anymore?  First off, I am uncomfortable talking about the birds and the bees with my daughter, let alone having to explain why the bird is having trouble keeping the bee happy.  Plus, my memory is fading at this point in my life, making the subject more agonizing.  I watch these couples giving each other “the eye” and then they dance from the porch swing hand in hand to the deep recesses of the house.  Do I need to know that he had to take a little blue pill in order to “carry on?”  My favorite one is when they are each in a different claw foot tub, holding hands, watching a sunset on a beach.  Really?  That one doesn’t even make sense to me, so how can I can’t even begin to explain that one to her……..If memory serves me right, even “the pill” won’t help him is she’s in another tub?  Come on Robertson men….you really don’t the women watching your show to go from watching you to thinking about ED…..am I right 🙂

It’s bad enough that we have to see commercials on tampons that expand and fit you like a glove, or see women showing off their matching bras and underwear, or various “he/she” products on the market that will make fireworks go off on your bedroom ceiling.  I can tolerate explaining the commercials about the need for eating yogurt to help keep your colon clean,  where to call to buy personal catheters or diabetic supplies, who to call to sue the company that furnished that bum hip or knee you had implanted, where to purchase a scooter at no cost, how to get rid of belly fat, but these ones on ED….too far.  Although it does give me comfort to see that the men in these commercials are my age, so since I’m not dating at this point in my life I’m not missing much?  Bzzzzzzzzzzz ♥

I wanted to add an addendum here….after pondering it over….if the day comes that I fall in love again, it won’t matter if he need a blue pill, yellow pill, green pill, white pill or no pill at all, because at the end of the day LOVE is all that matters.  The rest of that mumbo jumbo  is immaterial ♥♥


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