Things My Mom Told Me


photo credit:teachmetotalk.comWhile listening to Christmas music last night, I became lost in memories of the holidays of past.  This is how my mind works, I start to think about one thing, and that leads to another, which leads to another… on and so on…until I end up with memories in my brain that have nothing to do with the original thought.  Follow me???? It you can’t, don’t feel bad….and if you can follow me…all I can say is “WOWZA ! AM I IMPRESSED!”   Anyway, I was remembering some wise words of advise given to me throughout my life by my number one fans: my parents.  I will now try to share some of them, and then add some of my thoughts on them now that I am an adult.

 1.  A man will never buy the cow when he can get the milk free over the fence.   While most teenage girls get the “talk” on the birds and the bees, sometime prefaced with a cute little book, I get the speech about cows and free milk.   My mom received a phone call from my high school health teacher telling her to please give me the “talk” because I was asking too many questions in class.  The only reason I know this is because I was listening on the extension phone.  The talk never came… just knew that you shouldn’t have sex until marriage….end of story…can I get an amen!  It took me a long time to figure out the correlation between the cow and the milk…especially since all I knew about sex was from a health ed textbook.

                                                  2.  Don’t be in a position with your boyfriend that would cause you to be embarrassed if the Lord appeared at that moment. I will admit that that one kept me out of many back seats when I was in high school.  Now that I am older I realize that the Lord knows where I am every minute of the day, so I am sure he would not be surprised if he found my in an unsatisfactory situation.  Again…. since I was still pondering the cow/milk advise I was unsure what should be embarrassing  at that point.

                                                 3.  Don’t go outside with your hair wet, You will catch pneumonia!  Since I have been a nurse for 30 plus years I can safely debunk that one.  Although it does make for a mighty cold trip to where ever you are going, and in my case, air-dried hair equals lots of frizz and curls…not good!  Plus everyone knows that you catch pneumonia from the cow trying to get the milk…who did she think she was fooling….. 🙂

                                                  4.  You are who your friends are!  Ok, now I will give that one to her.  It is true that people judge you by company you keep.  Right or wrong, it happens.  I have gotten in trouble in the past by just association with someone who was in trouble.  It’s not fair…but it’s life.  I lost a friend in grade school because she came from the “wrong side of the tracks” (there’s another one)  Of course, it couldn’t have had anything to do with the fact that I got into situations with her that I never would have thought of on my own?

                                                  5.  Why do you step over those clothes on the step…take them up with you!  Our laundry was on the main floor, our bedrooms were upstairs, so mom would put our clean folded laundry on the steps and we were to take them up and put them away.  I saw them there, I did step over them, but in my defense I didn’t need that particular outfit for the next day, so why take it up to my room.  Plus they seldom went upstairs, so they weren’t stepping over them, therefore whats the beef?

                                                 6.  If you sh** in your nest, you will have to sleep in it!  Ok, first off, I had no idea where my nest was, and last time I checked I had full control of my bodily functions.  The last time I got this warning was when I was dating a young man who my dad despised.  He kept telling me that he knew things about this guy and if I continued dating him, my bags would be packed and waiting on the porch.  Even though I was 17 and I thought I loved this young man, I loved my nest more, so poof…he was history.

                                                7.  Pull in your horns!  This one was mainly aimed at my sister Kelly.  She had a terrible temper…..and I was an angel…enough said.

                                                8.  Don’t sit so close to the tv.  It’s bad for your eyesight.  I laugh now as I sit at my computer, with my glasses off, because I can’t read the screen with them on….perhaps they had a point?

                                                9.  Welcome to womanhood for happy days are here again.  These were the only words of advice we received as we became “women”…along with a saddle sized pad and a belt being flung from the cracked bathroom door.   Young women now days don’t know how lucky they have it with the press on pads.

                                              10.  They can never take you education away from you!   My parents both left high school and entered the work force, bypassing college.  It was understood since we were little that we would go to college.  There were no questions, it was expected.  As girls my mom stressed how important it was that we could support ourselves financially without a mans help.  Thank heavens for that one!

My parents were wise, wonderful, strict, loving, sometimes hard-nosed, stubborn parents and to this day I applaud them for making me what I am, good or bad.  I miss them every day, but boy what memories.  Hug yours today, because the day will come that they remain in your life as just a memory ♥


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