Sorry Bambi


 Today I did it….I interrupted the fall hunting schedule….I also probably interrupted the fall mating season….Yep, I did it all by myself….I maimed and probably killed Bambi with my SUV.  I am buzzing down the interstate at dawn this morning, minding my own business and BAM there she was.   Followed by a BAM, CRUNCH, SLAM, and she was history.  When I left town this morning, for my 30 minute commute to work, I noticed quite a bit of fresh blood on the pavement on the same interstate, closer to home, and knew the likely hood that one had been killed during the night.  I remember asking myself “I wonder what it feels like to hit a deer,” since I had never hit one in the 20 plus years of commuting.  Little did I know that 20 minutes later I would answer my question.  I had never stuck anything of that size, even though I did take out a family of opossums crossing the road in the dark years ag0.  I didn’t feel bad because #1…they are ugly prehistoric mutants and @2…they should have crossed the road faster!  Actually, I’m kidding, because the sound of my tires running over each body was very disheartening.

So here I am, after hitting this beautiful creature, continuing to drive to work, not knowing what to do next.  It was dark, and I could not think of a thing I could do for the deer at this point, so I drove well below the speed limit for the next 5 miles to work.  I knew there was damage to my SUV, because I could see my left headlight now hanging down the side of the car.  I prayed that it would just hang on there and let me get to work, which it did.  I pull into the parking lot with the dawn lifting, but still dark enough that I couldn’t see exactly how much damage there was.  I was able to tell that there was a gaping hole where my headlight was, and I decided that couldn’t be good.  I then tried to make all of the calls to the appropriate people…insurance, county police, state police,  body shop, my sister to see if I could borrow one of her cars when mine goes into the shop, my daughter so she can bring in duct tape when she comes to work, insurance adjuster and that was just the beginning of my adventure for the day.

We then ventured out in the daylight, armed with duct tape to survey the damage in the light.  Holy Mother of Pearl….it was much much worse in the sun….I just stood there with my mouth open and stared.  The headlight was still hanging, the area surrounding my tire was gone, my front quarter panel was squished up and bent, my fender was messed up beyond repair and who knows were my fog light went to….so my co-worker Rick went to work and taped everything down, weaving wires and shoving plastic, and taping..taping…taping.  I was surprisingly strong until the saw the bits and pieces of fur embedded in the grill, then it was time for me to have a seat.  By the time we were done, we had been joined by 2 other men, and the three of them looked the vehicle over, each shooting me an estimate on what they think it will cost to fix.  I needed to go back to work and take 2 Tylenol………………………………….

Reflecting on the day I have come to many realizations…

1. My car is drive-able and fixable.

2.  I didn’t get hurt, other that some powerful ribbing I took from my co-workers.

3. I didn’t hurt anyone else because it happened so fast I didn’t even apply my brake lights.

4.  I got to add another thing to my list of thing I haven’t done yet in my life.

5.  Poor Bambi…she thought she had out-run the amorous buck and the sneaky hunters, only to get picked off on the interstate.

6.   If I hear “doe a dear, a female deer” one more time, I’m going to scream………♥


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