The End of an Era


Tonight it hit me that October 31st of 2012 was an end of an era in my life.  This Halloween was the first one since 1981 that I didn’t have a child dress up and go out trick or treating.  That 31 years of buying or making costumes, 31 years of bags or buckets to carry the candy, 31 years of stomach aches after sneaking more candy than was allowed, 31 years of trotting through the neighborhood in the dark, sometimes in the cold or the rain or if we were lucky….a nice warm evening with the full moon shining down on the goblins.  Usually my ex-husband would take the kids out, and I would stay home and pass out the candy.  I couldn’t wait until they got home so I too could raid their bounty of goodies, looking for the mini snickers or the sweetarts.   As the kids got older there would be fights breaking out over the candy, each one blaming the other one, accusing them of stealing from their bags.  We would then get out a big bowl, dump the candy all together, and the problem was solved.  Through the years I have been the proud mother of assorted princesses, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, ghosts, hobo’s, witches,  skeletons, and a few ghouls.  I have handed out caramel corn, popcorn balls, homemade cookies, rice krispie treats, McDonalds coupons, Halloween pretzels, and the traditional candy.

 This year I decided to give out homemade caramel corn, and made the mistake of posting a question on my Facebook page, asking if people would let their kids eat my homemade goodies if I attached an address label to the bag.  BIG MISTAKE……I had 100 bags made up and ran out in 90 minutes.  We had to turn off the porch light, and hide in the dining room to avoid any treaters doing some tricking.  Luckily our nicely carved pumpkin didn’t get smashed in the road.  Believe me, we have lost a lot of pumpkins through the years, mainly due to the fact that my husband was the local police chief.  One year, right after we got married, he was at work and I was watching tv without the lights on.  I watched in horror as 2 teenagers snuck up to my porch, swiped my pumpkin and smashed it out in the road.  I was so angry that I got into my car, chased down their car and gave them a piece of my mind……they didn’t know what to say except that they were sorry.  I am sure I was sounding like someone from the exorcist, and they were just waiting for my head to start spinning around.  NOTE TO PUMPKIN SMASHERS: Don’t mess with a red-head with a German heritage, who has PMS….

 So, as in life, things change and that part of my life is over.   I will continue to buy pumpkins to carve,  will continue to roast the seeds, and will be sure to make 200 bags of caramel corn next year so no child will be turned away from my front door.  On the plus side, my granddaughters are now taking their aunts and daddy’s place and visited Nonnie this year as Belle and Cinderella……life does continue on,  it’s often times just a little different ♥



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