A Party Without Balloons Please…..


 Yesterday my beautiful granddaughter turned one…yesterday her Nonnie had about 14 heart attacks at the party.  I left work early and drove 45 minutes home, picked up Maddie and then drove another 40 minutes to the party.  No problem…anything for the babies.  We joined the party, already in progress, and I found a spot amongst the people to wait for the birthday girl to finish her lunch so we could have cake.  The room was decorated with a pink tablecloth and there was a beautiful cake in the center and a little cake in the fridge for Lilly to “dig into.”  There were numerous kids of all ages running and playing, along with many adult conversations going on at the same time.  The party was a hit!  Until…………my ex-husbands new wife (who I am becoming fast friends with) went out to their car and walked in with 2 bunches of helium balloons.  I almost fainted in the spot!  Heres the scoop….this Nonnie is deathly afraid of balloons.  Yep, it’s silly, and rediculous…but that’s the way it has been for as long as I remember.  Of course only a few close family members know of my fear, so I tried to find a corner to fold myself into while the balloons were being uncovered.  Mary announced that she got them for a good price, so decided to get 2 dozen instead of 1.  Two dozen helium balloons……24 helium balloons….2 sets of 12 helium balloons….I was in hell!

Now, for those of you that fear things like spiders, mice, clowns, bats, etc….imagine someone coming into the room with a box full and letting them loose.  Horrible….So I stood crammed into my corner and watched in horror as Mary then divided the balloons among the kids at the party.  I could no longer keep one eye on each bunch of balloons, now there were multiple little bunches of balloons roaming all over the rooms, attached to what seems to be about 49 kids. My palms are sweating, my brow is sweating, and even my feet are sweating.  I am telling myself  “pull up your granny panties and act your age,” and had almost succeeded in calming myself down.  I am now at the threshold of my “happy place” when….BOOM…the first balloon bites the dust and explodes right next to my corner of the room.  I then do the first adult thing that came to my mind..I screamed like a girl.  I was had!  The jig was up!  My secret has now been painfully exposed.  UGH!  I really tried to make light of it, but honest to Pete, there were about a millions balloons passing all around me….There weren’t enough eyes in my head to keep track of them all. They were grazing the fluorescent lights, they were getting near the ceiling fan, they were being chewed on, and several gently eased past my shoulder as the children passed by my corner of the room. I wanted to say “Shooo little children with big huge balloons!”

  In the end, the balloons soon lost their charm and many drifted up to the ceiling to rest peacefully…except for the few infrequent BOOMS coming from the other rooms….I had survived my worst nightmare and lived to tell about it…I guess now I’ve told everybody ♥


4 responses to “A Party Without Balloons Please…..

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  2. Hi Shelly,

    You probably feel a little silly about this fear and think you are the only one, well let me tell you there are many many people with the fear. As a ‘Balloon Professional’ (we run a balloon printing company) I would be delivering lots of balloons to all sorts of events and also inflating balloons in many public areas.

    I have seen many people who have had bad reactions, the worst was a teacher in a staff room who saw me bringing balloons into the room, one look and she jumped to her feet screaming, and with her arms in the air ran from the rum screaming the whole way, and I don’t mean walking fast, she did a ‘Bolt’, I have never seen anything like it.

    Most of the people in the room laughed, which I thought was mean, the poor woman was obviously petrified.

    My own daughter has been scared of balloons since she was about three years old, so a great business for her parents to start 🙂 she is nineteen and still leaves the room when we inflate balloons.

    There seems to be two types of ‘balloon fear’, the balloon itself – somepeople react badly to the actual balloon even when it is uninflated and the much more common fear of the balloon popping.

    Anyway, don’t feel too bad about it, you are not alone.

    Good Luck

    • I need to confess Jim, that my hands began sweating when I read about your daughter having to leave the room when you inflate the balloons. It’s an awful feeling, but I managed to pull up my big girl panties and persevered through the party. Thanks for the reply, I always wonder who reads these. And tell your daughter she is in good company. 🙂

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