Ms. Crabby Pattie……..


 Just a short thought

 Yesterday I made a quick trip around town with Maddie.  Since it was Saturday, we got a late start and missed lunch.  We hit the bank, post office, paid the water bill, went to the Sweet Shop, and finally ended up at the grocery store.  I entered the store with a list of 7 items, and by the time I left I had 7 bags and spent $82.00.  I couldn’t help it….the sales were fantastic.  It is now 2:30 in the afternoon, way past breakfast, and I am starving at this point.  My problem is that when I get hungry, I get crabby and short-tempered.  I hate that feeling, my stomach is rumbling, and I feel all shaky because I know my blood sugar is dropping.  I made the mistake of sampling some grapes as I was putting the bags into the car, and ended up returning to the store and 5 more pounds, reasoning that it was because the sale ended tomorrow.  I really could have begun chewing my tires at that point.  By the time we had schlepped  the groceries into the house  and got them all put away,  I felt like the star of “Mommy Dearest!”   All I wanted to do is to empty those blasted bags and get something to settle both my roaring stomach and my rattled nerves.  I then grabbed  some of the now sufficient supply of  sweet red grapes and  sat at the computer. I went to my Word Press reader and  read a post by The Better Man Project that listed some inspirational quotes.  One just jumped out at me, and I am going to remember it the next time I shop while hungry and crabby.  It goes like this “I AM SORRY FOR WHAT I SAID WHEN I WAS HUNGRY.”  Apparently someone else in this world has the same problem I do.  So to my children, grocery clerks, bag boys, and any friends that I have been “not so kind” to when shopping….I promise to never again to go to the grocery store hungry…and this apology is for you ♥


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