Flying Monkeys


  I guarantee that the minute my kids see this title and picture, they will know just what this blog is about.  For as long as I can remember, The Wizard of Oz has given me nightmares.  Actually, not the movie, but those horrible flying monkeys.  I grew up in a large 2 story house that had 2 living rooms….actually, one was a “parlor” and one was a “living area”, back in the day.  In the front living room my parents had a pool table.  I know that I was only about 5 or 6 the night I saw the Wizard of Oz for the second time.  The first time I was so sacred when those winged monsters flew out of the window of the wicked witch of the west’s creepy castle that I barely slept.  It is as vivid to me 45 plus years later as it was in the 60’s.  On Saturday nights my moms sisters and aunts and their spouses used to come over to play cards. This particular night, some of my teenage cousins were there too, and they were shooting pool when that movie again came on. As a young child I was sent to the living room to sit quietly and watch the movie.  I knew that the time would come when those monkeys were going to take flight and I quietly crept into the front living room and hid under the pool table, with my fingers in my ears so I could avoid a repeat nightmare.  I even moved my fingers back and forth and hummed out loud to avoid the noise, but it was no good….I could still hear their terrible screeching.  My sneaking around did no good.

  As my kids were growing up we would watch the movie, but I would again make myself busy when I knew the monkeys were coming…they pulled the stuffing out of the scarecrow for petes sake….that, in itself was disturbing enough to see a head arms and feet moving with no body to go with it.  I have NEVER liked horror movies, and this was real close to one, in my opinion.  When my daughter Katelyn was in high school she tried out for the Wizard of Oz and was cast as Glenda the good witch.  She made a beautiful good witch and I was very proud of her.  I tried to never miss a performance when my kids were in the musicals, but this may have to be one that I will have to be “sick” for 2 weekends.  By now everyone in the house knew about my fear, and as usual I received no sympathy.  So I did just what I preach to my kids and “Hiked my skirt up Nancy” and went to all of the performances….and there was not one nightmare….and do you know why????  Simply because there were no flying monkeys.  My kids think nothing of leaving pictures of the wicked witch on my facebook page, and will taunt me with some music from the show, or will just say “I’ll get you my pretty”….hahahahaha…..funny……..

  While looking for a picture to put on here I discovered that they have flying monkey stuffed animals, puppets, baseball caps, CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENTS, and press on nail kits.  Who in the world buys these things?  I know of some good swamp land for sale, if you need to blow your money that bad…….and let me make a confession here… order to write this blog I had to pour a large goblet of wine just to get through it.  Hopefully it will relax me enough to not have a nightmare tonight, and not slow me down when I run away from them it they do come….♥

PS….there won’t be a FOOD FOR THE BODY section tonight…my stomach is in turmoil from the above blog, plus my goblet of wine has kicked in. 🙂  Thanks again for reading.


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