Don’t Tip the Boat


Last year my sister and her husband bought a piece of property in the country that included a nice sized pond.  It used to be farmland, but when they put in the new interstate they use the soil to build the roads, and the pond was born.  It is commonly referred to as a “borrow pit”, but now is a nice place to go for swimming and fishing.  One of the things that Kelly purchased when she got out of college was a ski boat.  Unfortunately the first one she bought sunk while tied up in a marina…it sunk like a ton of bricks.  Not to be deterred, she purchased a second boat that we haul up to Wisconsin every year for the whole family to use on vacation. I am pretty sure that we spend as much money on gas for the boat as we do to feed a family of 5 for the week.   All of the kids have learned to either ski, use a wakeboard, use a knee board, or tube.  They have no fear of the water or the power of the ski boat.  My mother would not be happy with this if she were alive.  When she was a young adult, my uncle pushed her into the lake and she almost drowned.  Therefore, she was terrified of the water.  She would watch us like a hawk when we were on vacation, knowing she couldn’t save us if we got in over our heads.  We all learned to swim, but honestly, to be wearing a life vest to swim out to the dive platform? As teenagers?  We were dubbed the dorks of the lake.

I heard a cute story the other day about my sea worthy sister and her captain Mike.  They were in a john boat on the pond, complete with a motor and trolling motor, and decided to take the diving platform out into the middle of the pond.  They had finally figured out how to secure the platform so it would stay put, so off they go.  So Kelly is now on the platform and has secured it to the anchor and Mike, being the gentleman he is, gives her a hand into the boat.  The problem being that Mike was standing in the back of the boat, and she “came aboard” in the back of the boat…..and you guessed it…anyone watching got a lesson in Mass vs. Volume!  That is….the mass of weight at one end vs. the volume of water coming quickly into the boat.  My goodness how I wish I was there taking pictures….I asked if that had completely sunk the boat and she said, “no, but we did a lot of fast bailing”.  They eventually reached shore and were pleased that their sons and their friends didn’t notice the fiasco.  They were only about 10 feet from the shore and thought they had it under control until a dried up baby mouse floated out of the now waterlogged boat and went right  past her knees….Sweet Mother of Pearl, I would have abandoned ship right then and there ♥


Hamburger Packs

Ground beef formed into patties

Sliced carrots

Sliced potatoes

Sliced onions

Salt, pepper, garlic powder

On a large piece of foil, place the hamburger patty.

Place the carrots, potatoes, onions and seasoning on top

Close securely and cook on the grill until hamburger is done.

This is a favorite when we are on vacation and don’t want to take time to cook a meal.

You can improvise and add what  you want to the packets, according to your likes and dislikes.


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