We had an interesting thing happen in 1998, and at the beginning not everyone was thrilled. My sisters and I were all pregnant at the same time.  How often do you suppose this happens?  I was the first one to “spill the beans” to the family.  About a week before my 40th birthday I had a feeling that something just wasn’t right.  One morning before work I did one of those silly tests and sure enough I was pregnant.  Pregnant and 40…..my oldest was a senior in high school…my youngest was 11….how in the world did this happen?  This child, as it turned out, would be dubbed “Our little Disney souvinier”…enough said.  I waited until my birthday to tell my then husband and kids, and the news was met with mixed reviews, from excitement to quote “OMG!!!! Thats disgusting!”  Since I did not have a good track record in the obstetrics department I warned everyone that we would only think positive thoughts until this child was born, and they eventually got used to the idea.  It was kind of funny when I waddled out  to the middle of the packed gym for senior night for my daughter, and made my appearance to help with post prom that year, big as a breadbox.

The next Sunday my sister Kelly announces to everyone at lunch that she is pregnant.  She is 36 at this point, had been a professional student for most of her 20’s and had finally settled down and got married.  She, of course, seemed like the logical one to be pregnant with her first child.  The timing was right, but she just figured this would be “her”moment and one not shared  with her old sister who already had 3 kids at home.  She was not pleased to say the least.  Never the less, she was thrilled because her biological clock was ticking like Big Ben and time was a wastin….

Several weeks later we noticed that Tammy was arriving for Sunday Dinners with an ever changing body….she has just had her third son about 9 months before that, but sure looked like she was pregnant.  Every week she would deny it, saying there was no way because she had that “taken care of” after Alex was born.  Yet every week her jeans seemed to get tighter and she “had that look”, but when questioned she would just say “Its gas”….Her husband Mark would look at Bill (my then husband) and just laugh that we were having a baby late in life, and they would banter back and forth.  Then day came that  Tammy did the test and low and behold…she was pregnant too.  Bill called their house to rib Mark, but the kids said he wasn’t available because  “he was mowing their 2 acre yard BY HAND”.  Apparently he didn’t get the last laugh after all.

So here we were at Christmastime…all 3 pregnant, all 3 glowing, all 3 beautiful.  There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with child. But…then there was Kelly who was not too happy to be sharing the spotlight with 2 women who really didn’t intend to be in the spotlight with her.  Tough Cookies Kelly!  Hope Ann, fourth child to Tammy and Mark, was born in December 1998 and we were all there to witness the birth.  Evan Christ, first child of Kelly and Mike, was next, being born in March of 1999.  Again, we sisters shared the moment he arrived. Then came Madison Faith, child number 5, born May 1999.  She was welcomed home with open arms, now that my kids were no longer embarrassed.  She was 10 days old when we walked into that same gym to witness my oldest graduating from high school.

We have continued the tradition of holidays and vacations together, so “the babies”as we refer to them have grown up together.  They are all in eighth grade this year, so I guess they really aren’t babies anymore.  I would have to say that they have been blessings to each and everyone of us….along with the others.  Even if Tammy and I did steal Kellys spotlight. Ha! ♥


This is one of my favorite side dishes to take to our family holiday meal


Combine into a large bowl:

2 cans creamed corn

2 cans whole kernal corn (drained)

2 boxes corn bread mix *jiffy brand

16 oz sour cream

Mix well and pour into 13×9 casserole dish

Slice up 1-2 sticks of margarine and place on top of casserole.

Bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes, uncovered, or until center is set.



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