Hofbrauhaus Hotties


In June of 1997 I had the extreme pleasure of being a chaperone on a guided tour led by Sue Coons, the foreign language teacher at the local high school.  My oldest daughter, Stephanie was taking French and therefore was invited to come along with the group.  My sister Kelly, who was getting married that September, went too, so this was going to be her last “fling” before the wedding.   I baked and sold about 4 million cookies up at the local Sweet Shop and video store,  (only in a small town) in order to fund both Steph and mine’s trip.  We toured 7 countries in 3 weeks.  Yesterday when I was cleaning, I found the journal that I painstakingly wrote in every night, and laughed out loud at some of the things that happened.  Most days we left before 7am and didn’t return to the hotel until after 9pm, so needless to say, sometimes I didn’t want to write in that silly book…

One of my favorite stories I documented was about our trip to the Hofbrauhaus in Munich Germany.  It was built in 1569, and is one of the largest beer halls in Germany.  We were told it was here that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who lived in the neighborhood, was reported to be a frequent visitor.  Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists held their first meeting in the Festival Room, on the third floor, in 1920.  We sat in this same cavernous room, along with many many other tourists and drank the famous beer.  In America, buildings and cities are so “young”, so it is really hard to wrap your head around how old everything is in Europe.  I remember reading about Hitler, and watching the movies about WW-II, but to sit in the same room where he had actually sat……wow…..So back to the beer…..I have never been a fan of beer, unless I was on a country road in high school with some PBR.  (oops, that’s another story)  It was very hot in Germany that June, so that ice-cold beer went down like water.  They brought you these huge beer glasses full of this delicious foamy refreshment, and I will admit I am not sure if I had 2 or 3 or 7 that night.  We finally had them spike the beer with lemonade (which is quite yummy), so that we could keep drinking.  The teenagers on our trip were allowed to try the beer and wine, so we chaperones had to be sure they followed the rules.  Somehow Kelly and I missed the memo on that subject the night at the beer garden.  They have these breathalyzer machines on each floor for people can see how drunk they are before heading home.  I decided to try one out.  Needless to say, no driving for me, so I  decided to stumble outside and get some much-needed air.  Kelly, my daughter and some of the other kids came out with me. We found a place to sit outside of the building and planted ourselves, waiting patiently for the others.  I sit quietly,  doing my favorite pastime, people watching, when this young gorgeous man comes toward our group.  I sit there and watch in amazement as he heads toward me, and proceeds to sit down almost on my lap.  He slaps an arm around me and begins speaking to me in pretty bad broken English about my being beautiful and all that other stuff.  Of course I am not so sure because in my condition, I see his mouth move, but don’t hear the words till about 15 seconds later.  I will admit that I did sober up a little when he planted a wet kiss on my cheek.  OH MY!  Stephanie is standing in horror and telling him “Get away, that’s my mother!” and Kelly is pouting, saying “What about me?” As if on cue a man comes around the corner and heads straight for Kelly.  Let me describe him….about 5’5″, balding, has a dad gut, a nondescript face, and has dress pants and a nice dress shirt on.  The only thing I noticed was the tail of his shirt was hanging about 6 inches out of his fly.  Yep!  He heads right over to Kelly and attempts to put the move on her….big mistake buddy…better luck with a rattlesnake. He was quickly sent packing, my guy disappeared, and eventually the others joined us to return to the hotel.  Wow, what a night!  Good times in Germany!  ♥



In a crock pot combine:

2 pounds cooked hamburger

2 packages taco seasoning

2 cans of Hormel chili (I do one with beans and one without)

1 large loaf Velveeta Cheese (or 2 smaller ones, one in Mexican and one plain)

Warm on high until the cheese melts, then keep warm until enjoyed with nacho chips of your choice.

This is also delish as a hot dog topping and will taste even better after being washed down with beer ♥


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