If you feel you are as blessed as me, you have friends in your life who, no matter what, will stand behind you and will always be there for you.  Throughout my life, I have had friends that I could truly call “Besties.”  I had many good friends in high school, but probably one best friend.  After high school we both went our separate ways to different colleges.  Then, as frequently happen, life gets in the way, and pretty soon you are living hours apart and busy raising families.  Laurel was my childhood “Bestie” and to this day when I leave a comment on her Facebook page, I will lovingly refer to her as my “bff”……Flash forward to 2003….my mom had passed away 2 years earlier and my dad had retired and was simply “lost.”  An opportunity came up to buy the local Sweet Shop in town.  I was a nurse and my dad worked as a machinist in a factory for 40 plus years, so it made logical sense to buy a business (I am of course saying this while rolling my eyes into my head)  I quit my nursing position to run the store, but Pops was the General Manager….and I mean General….Of course that was when we first began the adventure…..

My dad was a big man, over 6’2 inches with a booming voice.  As kids, my cousins were always afraid of him, but not those little kids that came into the store for their coke and piece of candy.  I can’t tell you how many kids followed him up to the front of the store for a free sucker …..”The General” had become a much loved teddy bear.  Over the years we hired many teenagers and adult women to work for us.  It was a nice place to work and we were all family.  When I cooked supper at home form my family, I took a plate uptown to feed whatever high schooler was working that night.  Cindy and Kathy were 2 of my closest friends at the store, and probably had been there the longest.  We were often like the 3 Muskateers…one for all, and all for one.  Trust me, after a long summer of kids, kids and more kids….we needed to support each other.

In 2007, Pop passed away suddenly and our whole “Pops family” grieved together.  I didn’t have the emotional strength to open the store the day after dad died, but I knew we needed the income, and in stepped my other 2 musketeers.  They opened and ran the store while we made the arrangements for his burial.  I don’t know of many employees who would do this….and for this I will be eternally grateful to them.  The night of the visitation, they were all there, all of our high school, summer college help, and adult employees.  They remained there for over 3 hours, quietly sitting and reminiscing in the back room….they loved him too….About a year after his death, the sisters and I decided to sell the business…it just wasn’t the same without Pops. The last day of ownership with these 2 beautiful friends was bittersweet….I needed to go, but didn’t want to go…would we still keep in touch?  Would our friendship just fizzle out?   Well, glad to report that we will be friends for life….can’t help it….I just love em.  I hope that everyone has friends that would take a bullet for you , and you would take one for them.  We still have girls night out, still laugh until we ALMOST wet our pants, and still  share each others joys and grief, and just love. Below is a picture of us girls out last month…priceless….  ♥

Front: Cindy, Kathy and Amy

Back: My sister Kelly and I



Three Muskateer Candy Wraps

1 can Crescent rolls (please splurge and get the name brand ones)

Three Muskateer Bar (or candy bar of your choice)

Powder Sugar


Chop up the candy bar into small bite sized pieces

Unroll the crescent rolls, separate into triangles

Place several pieces of candy bar on each triangle

Roll up the crescent roll as directed

Place on baking sheet sprayed with Pam

Bake about 10-12 minutes (keep an eye on them)

Put about 1 cup of powdered sugar into a cup, and add just enough milk to make a glaze.

Drizzle glaze on candy bar rolls and enjoy with a big glass of milk.

Caution: melted candy bars are HOT!  Found that out the hard way ♥


2 responses to “Besties

  1. Everyone in Minonk was so Blessed to have Pop in our lives!! I will remember him forever and all the wonder things he did for everyone—and his smile:) Thank you, your parents did a wonderful job!!

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