Clickety Clack


When we were young, our whole extended family, on my mom’s side, would caravan up to Minocqua Wisconsin for 2 weeks of vacation.  We stayed at a family run resort about a 15 minute drive out-of-town on Lake Kawagasaka.  After several years, each family had the same cabin at family owned St. Johns Resort.  Every year my cousins, Starr, Kim, Kerri and I would drool over the boys of the St. John family.  Why is it that the boys seemed to be hunkier up north?  They were cute, tanned and could swim like fish.  The drive took about 8 hours because they were all 2 lane roads back then, with a lot of cars towing boats, which slowed everyone down.  Five carloads of kin-folk would meet at our house and we then left town at 2 in the morning to avoid much of the traffic. I can remember the pre-trip routine like it was yesterday. My dad would spend the day packing that Pontiac to the hilt, mowing the yard and finishing up the “outside” work.  My mom would spend the day packing suitcases, packing up half of the kitchen and cleaning the house from top to bottom.  (She used to remind me that nobody wanted to come home to a dirty house)  In the early evening we girls would have to get our baths, and line up to get our hair put in those stiff brush rollers and bobby pins.  We were then sent to bed at 8pm, apparently because  we had to get on the road by 2 am , and there we would lay, still daylight out, eyes wide open, horribly uncomfortable trying to rest our heads on brush rollers, and attempt to sleep.  One word…..ABUSE!  The last bag to be packed was a large green duffel bag from my dads days in the National Guard, and last thing in the bag was the “chicken skillet”…funny what things you remember so clearly.  My dad would head to bed about 8pm too, since he had to drive all night and day.  The last sound we heard when we drifted off to sleep around midnight, was the relaxing sound of the Kirby sweeper.

One year, and my memory is a little sketchy of this because I was younger, was the year our family, my Great Aunt Erna, Great Uncle Bert, Cousin Mosey, Aunt Doris and Uncle Shelly all stayed in a small cabin.  I am not sure if it was for the entire 2 weeks, or maybe for a short time until another cabin opened up, but I know we were packed in like sardines.  My sisters and I were delegated to share the fold out couch in the living, slash dining room, slash kitchen.  Now, you couldn’t go to sleep until everyone else went to bed, and you were then forced to wake up when the first person wandered out for breakfast.  The unfortunate thing was that Erna, Bert and Mosey went to bed early and got up early…the opposite of everyone else.   Erna was a small woman with  equally small sandals with 1 inch heels that she put on the minute her feet hit the floor.  Every morning, while the others were trying to sleep, she would get up and wander all over in these shoes that loudly went “clickety clack” with every step.  While her husband and son would sit at the table loudly crunching their Wheaties, Aunt Erna would  clickety clack all around while waiting on the men.  Day and night ….clickey clack….clickety clack….clickety clack.  My dad and my uncle Shelly would get so upset because they were trying to sleep and all they heard was clickety clack…..clickety clack…. Erna apparently did not own a pair of  bedroom slippers …..

The day came then Erna arose and could not find her sandals…..she padded around in her bare feet frantically searching for her shoes.  They called for an all out search of the cabin and we girls were even questioned to see if we took her clickety clack sandals.  No one could find the shoes, they were gone.  Then it happened…..Erna began sweeping the sand out of the screened in porch and found her clickety clack sandals neatly placed on the outside steps……minus the heels.   To this day,  no one confessed to taking the heels off of her shoes….but someone is up in heaven getting the last laugh……  ♥



1 chocolate cake mix

6 oz instant chocolate pudding, prepared as directed

12 oz frozen whipped topping, thawed

6 Crunch type candy bars or Toffee type candy bars (crushed)

1. Bake cake mix in a 13×9 pan as directed.

2.  Divide cooled cake into 3 sections.

3.  In large serving bowl, begin layering as follows:

1/3 of cake, 1/3 of pudding, 1/3 of whipped topping, and 1/3 of crushed candy bars.

Continue until you have 3 layers, ending with the crushed candy bars (if there are any of them yet)

Cover and chill until ready to serve.


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