Don’t Make Mud Pies In the Wind


Long long ago, when I was about 8 years old, I had a day that I apparently forgot the concept of how to be a good big sister.  It was a warm, sunny, beautiful summer day and I was enjoying a snack on the patio.  I can’t remember what I was eating, but I can see the whole scene as if it was yesterday.  My mom was about 11 months pregnant with my baby sister (at least she looked that pregnant to me), and was busy cleaning the house (nesting, as they call it).  My responsibility was to keep an eye on Kelly, who was creating mud pies under the big maple tree in the side yard.  She wanted me to join her, but it was snack time for heavens sake….best time of the day!  So there I sat enjoying my treat when all of a sudden a huge wind came out of nowhere, and a huge branch fell on Kelly.  Now, you need to remember that I was a mature 8 years old, and I really disliked my sister.  She came out of my mother’s womb mean as a pole cat….and I am not exaggerating.  My mom comes rushing (or maybe waddling quickly) out of the house and is frantically searching for Kelly, who is now somewhere under the mass of branches and big green leaves.  Mom is shouting at me, asking “Shelly Sue, where’s your sister?”.  I knew where she was, but I sure as heck wasn’t gonna give up her location.  Once in a while you could hear muffled shouts coming from the leaves, or maybe an area of leaves would rustle, like when a squirrel in the tree, but I wasn’t telling.  I just sat there and calmly finished my snack.  I then got up, walked over to the tree and said “Do you suppose she is under here? I think she was making mud pies.”  About that time an unruly mass of black hair appeared amongst the leaves and she crawled out, mad as a wet hen.  Even at 4 years of age, she gave me one of those looks that made me shake in my Keds.

I am not sure, to this day, if Mom realized that I knew where Kelly was the whole time and just didn’t tell her.  Trust me, Kelly remembers, and likes to show off the scar on her back to remind me.  She wears it proudly, like a war wound.  I felt bad for about 4 months until my mom went to the hospital to have Tammy.  Finally the day arrives when dad heads to Streator to bring home my mom and that beautiful new addition to our family.  I was so excited because this was going to be a real baby, not one like my Chatty Cathy or Thumbelina.  I sat alone on the front porch for what seemed like hours waiting for them to arrive.  Kelly, of course, was nowhere to be found (probably off skinning a cat somewhere).  I was about to give up hope and then they arrive.  I can not tell you how many butterflies there were in my stomach.  Dad parked the car and they get out and head right into the house to show off this baby.   All I can do is look at this angel and beam from ear to ear.  I am in awe….I can not wait to feed her, rock her, sing to her, and just love her.  My mom then turns to Kelly, who appeared from who knows where, all grubby and filthy, and asks what she thought of her new sister?  In true Kelly fashion,  she proudly makes a fist, gives Tammy the now famous evil eye, and says “I’m gonna kill you baby”….oh my…….

PS….I need to tell you that we have all grown up now and are all the best of friends.  Somehow, growing up seems to make you forget all of the conflicts between siblings….until it’s time to write a blog…♥


Mud Pie

14 Chocolate sandwich cookies (you know the kind I mean)

 2 Tbs. Butter

1/2 gallon ice cream (flavor is up to you)

1/2 cup chopped nuts

Jar of fudge ice cream topping

Whipped Cream

Mix cookies and butter in a food processor.

(or put in a gallon baggie and smash with a rolling-pin like I do….great stress reliever!)

Press in pie pan and bake 8 minutes at 350 degrees

Partially thaw 1/2 gallon of ice cream, flavor of your choice.

Spread on cooled crust, spread jar of fudge sauce over ice cream, cover and freeze.

Garnish with whipped cream and chopped nuts prior to serving.


2 responses to “Don’t Make Mud Pies In the Wind

  1. Kelly and I were just talking about her scar at Evan’s ballgame this week.
    I told Kelly you needed to write about it glad you did funnnnny!!!!!

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