Letter to my 13 Year Old Daughter


Miss Madison

You have now entered your last year in junior high and soon will be in high school.  I hope your studies come easy to you and your classmates are kind.  This is such a difficult age, you want to be an adult, but you don’t want to be one either.  Not everyone will be your friend, but try to be a friend to everyone.  There will be classmates that will say things to you, and it will hurt your heart, but mom and dad can’t fight your battles for you.  These same kids usually grow up to be unkind adults, so better to learn to deal with them now.  If you see someone getting picked on, don’t be afraid to do the right thing.  Step in there and support them….remember, someday it could be you in that situation.  Try to find the best in everyone.  You don’t know what kind of a home life they left before they came to school that day.  Not everyone has loving parents, not everyone has had someone help them with their homework, and not everyone has had the life you have had.  Always be respectful to your teachers.  They have worked hard to educate you, and they take their jobs seriously.  Remember that they are people too, and sometimes may be a little frazzled by the end of the day….again, remember that those same unkind students are usually  unkind to the teacher as well.  Respect the building you are in….anyone who owns a home, pays taxes, which in turn, helps to keep that building going.  It is a privilege to go to school and become educated.  Others in the world are not as fortunate as you, they have no schools, and often times no jobs to go to if they become educated.  I hope you soak up the things you are taught like a sponge…..as your Memaw used to say “They can never take your educations away from you”….she was a very smart and wise woman who didn’t have the opportunity to go to college, but spent her life learning new things.

It’s ok if you are not good at everything, and don’t be embarrassed if there is something you can’t do.  Just do your best!  That’s all that’s ever been expected of you.  If someone tells you something in confidence, and you give them your word you will not repeat what they have told you, try hard to keep your word.  If you have a “secret” of your own to share, be sure you don’t want it repeated.  Unfortunately girls your age haven’t really gotten the phrase “I give you my word” yet, so be prepared for that “secret” to spread like wildfire. There are going to be rules you are angry about, but remember that those rules have been put into place for a reason.  There wasn’t just one person writing these rules to be mean, the rules in place were discussed, voted on, and then put into place.  Try to follow the rules and move on…jails everywhere are filled with people who never learned to follow the rules.  It’s that simple.  A rule is a rule…live with it and you will find you will avoid a lot of trouble.

So, enjoy your final year in junior high, and the next 4 years.  These will be the best years of your life, you just don’t know it yet.  When you leave high school and move on to college you will be well prepared.  Don’t ever change for anyone, and don’t listen to someone when your gut is telling you otherwise.  My mom always said “you are who your friends are”, so surround yourself with people who make you happy and safe.  I’ll step in and guide you if you start to go down the wrong path, but you may need to  learn a few hard lessons along the way, if you do veer off of that path.  Whenever you make mistakes, remember they are building blocks to help mold you into who you will be.  You are never alone, and when something is troubling you, don’t be afraid to talk to me or another adult.   You are following the footsteps of 3 awesome siblings and are headed for greatness…never let anyone tell you otherwise.

I love you!

Mom ♥


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