Time for School Bells

This past week we had finally received some much-needed rain.  An added benefit is that the 90 degree  weather has moved out, leaving us with a comfortable 70- 80 degrees.  Soon school will begin again, and the summer will officially be over.  I noticed that things have changed in our household.  Gone are the nights when my daughter stays up watching tv until midnight and sleeps in until 10 or 11am.  During the summer months kids seem to  get their days and nights mixed up, like when they were newborns.   As a teenager I would come stumbling downstairs on a Saturday and my dad would take one look at me and say “I see you were working hard on making that bedsore last night!”  Always a comedian ♥  Last week we had the discussion, as I am sure many other parents have had,  that she was going to have to start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier to prepare for the school year.  Now I will admit that when  I’m off work in the summer, I will slumber until 9am if possible.  I figure a girl can never get enough beauty sleep, right?

When we were kids we vacationed in Minocqua Wisconsin for 2 weeks every July.  The best day of vacation was when we made the short trip to a Debyles department store in Rhinelander for fall and winter school clothes.    We would each get about 7 outfits, and a winter coat, and the clothes would then be put on lay away. Mom used to say that it was an economical way to afford good quality school clothes.  They would pay on it weekly and by the end of September our clothes would arrive.  While it was disappointing to spend the day choosing and trying on these clothes, only to have them stay in lay away, it was like Christmas when our clothes arrived.  New clothes were a luxury and you didn’t know what to wear first.

So a strange metamorphosis has been happening this past week with the cooler weather…..all of the sudden, without prompting, our house slows down, so to speak.  We find we are heading up to bed early to “settle in and watch tv”,  and can’t seem to keep our eyes open too long after settling in.  Our bodies just seem to know it’s time to get up earlier, in order to begin the routine that will be our lives for the next 9 months. Other signs that fall is coming:  There are previews for new fall shows on tv.  You can hear the football kids practicing behind the high school…complete with grunts,  whistles and shouts.  It’s almost time for Cunninghams caramel apple season  (live anywhere near our town and you will understand this).  The days are getting shorter, and you realize the beloved pool needs to be taken apart and stored for the winter.  My neighbors are happy because Shelly will be hanging out in the back yard with jeans on instead of the swimdress.   All of the sudden the thought of baking cookies sounds appealing, and pretty soon you see the geese heading south.  While I love a relaxing summer, I look forward to the fall season.  I have the house to myself during the day, life gets organized again, and the school bells ring.


6 responses to “Time for School Bells

  1. Shelly you are a great story teller keep them coming. Your dad would be so proud of you for doing this, I know where your story telling comes from he could tell
    quite a few himself.

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