Don’t Ever Disrespect Momma

The other day when Maddie and I were cleaning the upstairs she asked me to tell her the story of when her oldest sister Stephanie “smarted off” to me.  When Madison was 10 days old, Stephanie graduated from high school and went off to college, so they really never lived in the same house.   She knew the story because it was one that the kids reminisce about when they get together.   Now there were very few times when my kids were disrespectful to me, because I simply wouldn’t tolerate it.  I began the story as I remember it:  Stephanie was about 13 years old and at that age when the hormones are getting a little out of control, plus I am pretty sure  mine were always out of control.  Now you put 2 females in the same room with the same raging hormones, there is going to be an explosion at some point.  That day I don’t even know what we were arguing about, probably about the color of the sky, but the argument started in the kitchen.  We passed  through the dining room yelling, and the verbal sparring continued as we passed through both living rooms until we ended up in the foyer by the stairs.  I banished  her to her room, and stood at the bottom of the stairs watching her loudly stomp up all 13 steps, with each of us yelling in full force, each trying to get the last word.   So here’s where my daughter made the bravest move in her young life.  I looked up to see her standing there with her hand on her hips, snarl on her beautiful face and told to get into her room.  She started to say something, and I cut her off and said “Not one more word Stephanie Lynn”….at this point she narrowed her eyes at me and said……(you got it)…..”WORD!”  She said it in the snottiest voice, and I felt like she had slapped me in the face. After I recovered from the shock, I  shot up the stairs taking them two at a time……and anyone who knows me, knows this is big!  The look on her face was priceless and it was amazing how fast she got into her room, slammed the door and barricaded herself behind the door.  Since I was one heartbeat away from a heart attack from my sprint up the stairs, I figured I scared her enough, and let her sit.

That story then lead me share one from my childhood when my sister was about that age and told my mom to “shut up”.   This was the same sister that would beat the snot out of us “for no reason at all”, so Tammy and I were the cheering section as my mom chased Kelly around and around and around the dining room table.  My mom was a loving mom, but, as with me, disrespect her and pay the price.  So Kelly is about the same height as my mom at this point and she was able to stay a good clip ahead of mom as they were playing “ring around the dining room table”.  Kelly ran, but Marilyn persevered and finally caught her, put her in a half- nelson, and drug her into the bathroom to the closest bar of soap.  And my dad loved using Lifebouy soap for his baths!  Tammy and I were hugging and continued to cheer that she was going to get what had been coming to her for a long time.  Right then Kelly emerged from the bathroom, foaming at the mouth and spewing bubbles at us as she threatened each of us within an inch of our lives if we ever told anyone.  Nope, we won’t tell anyone…….♥



3 responses to “Don’t Ever Disrespect Momma

  1. Shelly your dad told me a few stories about you three girls, from what he said
    you three were a handfull, imagine that.

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