A Delivery from the Man In Brown

Last week, after working a 12 hour shift, cooking supper, doing dishes, etc etc etc….I finaly flopped into bed about 10:30.  My favorite British show was not on PBS, so I began channel surfing.  I stopped on a shopping channel as they were demonstrating skillets with the new non stick coating. One thing I can’t pass up is any show with cooking involved.  I could care less about the jewelry, clothes, purses etc that they sell on that show, but cooking demonstrations, count me in.  There were 3 sizes of skillets and they were the value of the day…Now I fought with myself to stay put….don’t think about going downstairs to the computer….stay where you are….you can do it….change the channel….be strong…..you already have a wonderful set of pans….but they aren’t non stick….but they are frying eggs on top of cheese and it’s sliding out of the pan……Shelly you don’t need pans….but they are less than $40 for 3 pans….you need to get up in the morning, keep surfing the stations, but I read they are doing away with teflon coating so I need these,  you need them like you need another hole in your head, but they will only be this price for 24 hours and may sell out by the morning….. On and on I went arguing with myself….they were pans for heavens sake…I wasn’t contemplating donating a kidney.

So today my pans arrived.  I have been teaching Madison how to cook, so it was a race to get the pans out of the box.  They are the prettiest kinda ruby color on the outside with a clean white color inside.  We stood there admiring the pans, oohing and aahing for quite awhile…You would have sworn it was Christmas at our house.  We carefully washed them as instructed and they are nestled with my other equally awesome pans waiting for the next cooking lesson.  Doesn’t take much to excite us.


3 responses to “A Delivery from the Man In Brown

  1. Make sure you don’t wash those by scraping with wool or any other super scratchy pad. That non-stick coating is worthless once you get scratches and stuff in it.

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