Cupid goes Christian

Having very little luck with the first of the available internet dating websites I noticed that there were several that offered serviced to those of us who are Christian.  How bad can that be?  I again began answering the requested questions to build yet another profile.  This one was a little more forgiving, and focused more toward family, faith and views what you were looking for in a prospective date.  I had a little more luck on these websites.  I began chatting with a man who said he was from Syracuse New York and we seemed to have some of the same ideas about life.  He said he was a single dad and was running his fathers construction company.  He was looking for a long-term relationship, and considering he was in New York and I was in Illinois, that seemed long-term enough for me.  🙂  Eventually the chatting became a nightly ritual.  We would  check in on each other and share our days events.  One night I got on to chat later than the time we had agreed on and was bombarded with insults such as “you are an evil woman”, “no man will ever love you”…etc..etc…etc….  Now I don’t see myself a naive person, considering I have worked in corrections for 20 years, but I was not expecting this.  I figured out that one thing a person cruising  these websites needs to remember is that things may not be what they seem.  You begin to wonder how safe it is, can this person figure out where I live, have they been recently released from the funny farm??????  I was able to block any further conversations from him and began to reevaluate this way to meet people. I took some time off from my adventure to think this through.   Maybe I would have more luck if I go to a website where you  pay to join?   It turns out that this was going to be harder than I expected……………figures!


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