Peace Along With The Pain

Recently an old friend of mine unexpectedly lost his brother at a young age.  My heart aches for him and his family and it made me reflect at the times when heartache bombarded my life.  A sudden death should make everyone remember that life is a gift and should never be taken for granted.  We just seem to get so wrapped up in everyday ups and down, disappointments and pressures of life.  In 1996 we buried our infant son after I suffered 3 miscarriages (but was blessed with 3 children at that point).  My much-loved grandmother died  the week before I was able to tell her I was pregnant with Jonathan. In 2001 I sent my oldest daughter off to college in August, buried my wonderful  mother in September and sent my son off to the Air Force  in October (one month after the twin towers disaster).   By November I felt like I was a shell of myself, and didn’t have many emotions left except pain, heartache and worry.  Then there were the years when I  waited and prayed almost continually while my son spent 4 tours in Iraq, buried my dad, and became a victim of a failed marriage and a subsequent divorce.   I don’t write these things for pity, but to reassure others that life does go on and you learn to graciously take the peace along with the pain.  I once read somewhere that God gives you trials and then watches carefully to see how you handle those trials.  Do you crumble, hide, feel sorry for yourself, get angry, give up?  We have all done these things, but in the end if you find yourself standing taller than you ever thought possible, you are the winner.   We  need to remember  that life is indeed short and we are here on this earth for a brief time, so don’t waste it worrying about those who bring you down.  Surround yourself with happy positive people and see how life  almost immediately looks better.  I have 2 favorite songs that help me push though those days when it seems like I am alone and get the feelings that there should be more in my life….they are “Praise You In This Storm” by Casting Crowns and “Blessings” by Laura Story.  As they say…when life gives you lemons, don’t stuff them in your bra like Maxine suggests, but make a big pitcher of lemonade and dance in the rain.  Do something crazy and live …live… live…..and in the end, have no regrets!

I apologize this wasn’t a “funny” blog, but sometimes life isn’t all kicks and giggles and maybe someone may just need some reassuring words.  Thanks as always for reading my thoughts 🙂


6 responses to “Peace Along With The Pain

  1. Shelly-do not apologize for not writing something funny. You are a very gifted person and I think every one who reads this will take away the positive, while sharing your pain. Keep writing what you feel! You have touched all of us.

  2. as someone who is presently going thru a challenging time of life, these words are just what I needed to hear. love you Cuz and keep the stories coming!

  3. Thank you, Shelly, I sometimes need to know i am not the only one…The past 4 months have been so Hard on me after loosing Mark. Hard on me from many aspects of my life, i think the hardest is keeping Mom up to par. It has taken such a toll on her and her health. She spends every day from 8:01-9:01 at his graveside, as this was the normal time he called her everyday, It used to bother me she was doing this, but now, I realize it is her way of copping with the loss of her child.
    Thank you again, for all your blogs as they make me laugh again!!

  4. I was going through a rough time probably 5 years ago and Kate sent me the lyrics to “Praise You In This Storm”. To this day, I have a website with those lyrics on my laptop bookmarked (and I’m on my 3rd laptop) and read it whenever I’m having a hard time. You taught her well. I’m so lucky to have both of you in my life.

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