I Know I Can Do the Wave Pool…..

So the saga of Shelly in the water park continues after bombing out at the water slide and the lazy river.  Being the stubborn German blooded red-head that I am, I was determined to conquer something at the water park besides nachos.  So my sisters Kelly and Tammy, my daughters and myself  head over to the wave pool.  At this point the place is getting crowded and we were among about 30 others in the pool.  We head to the back of the pool and begin treading water waiting for the horn to blow warning us the waves are about to start.  It is a strange feeling to be swept away with a wave, but soon it became easier and easier.  After about 30 minutes I decided that having won the battle with the wave pool, I was going to head in for those nachos that were nagging at me.  The others decided to stay for a few more rounds, so I just laid back and let the waves gently take me towards the shallow end.  I must have lost track of where I was because pretty soon I was literally hung up on the rough surface of the concrete floor in the shallow end.  My rear was stuck and the waves were trying to push me farther and farther into the shallow end.  I tried so desperately to clear the water from my eyes, get my bearings, turn over onto my knees and try to stand up.  Oh no….silly Shelly….not so fast.  Picture it…with each stupid wave I’d end up on my back, legs stuck in the air, and then trying to wipe my eyes so I could flip over to stand up. Over and over like a bad dream, flip back, legs in air, wipe eyes, try to flip over…only to be flipped back on my back like a turtle…..I was beached!   I think this may have happened about 6 or 7 times before the waves stopped and I was able to salvage the rest of my dignity and get up.  All the while my sisters and daughters were laughing hysterically and a 3-year-old was just standing there in the ankle-deep water about a foot from me, watching Ursela struggle to get up.  I don’t know, maybe she was hoping for an autograph from the sea witch….. All in all it was an ok first Christmas as orphans, and I know Mom and Dad were just shaking their heads in heaven and trying to stifle a giggle……..


7 responses to “I Know I Can Do the Wave Pool…..

  1. Ok, I have to ask…..have you been back to a waterpark after these experiences? I can picture this in my mind and you have more guts than I ever would. Good for you, and you made some great memories for your family! You go girl 🙂 Love Ya……

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