Dating after 50

Now here is an adventure for sure.  I am one of the unfortunate products of divorce and at one point  I figured  “Ok maybe it’s time to try that thing they refer to as dating”.  I soon realized that it’s nothing like when I was 17 and you hung out uptown at the grain elevator waiting for guys to come into town. It became clear that when you had the same class of 38 kids from K through 12 that few of those classmates could ever be considered dating material, so you struck out for surrounding towns.  My favorite towns seemed to be Lostant and Tonica because Wenona was a rival in high school with Toluca and MDR.  I’d get my allotted miles on the family car and dash to a neighboring town in search for “the one”.  There were no cell phones, so you had to scope them out in person.  That’s how it worked “back then”….you tracked them down, met them, gave them your home phone number, but only if the asked, then you’d rush home and sit by the rotary phone and wait…and wait….and wait…(insert cricket noises here).  It was an unwritten rule not to “hunt” with someone prettier than you, or your chances dwindled.  I never quite learned that lesson because Laurel, my bff growing up, was always  with me to scope out new prospects, and usually she got first dibbs on the guys.  But I loved her, and was happy to get the leftovers….just kidding….sometimes we would have cat fights if he had a really cool car like a Mustang or Firebird.  The GUY would call the GIRL and set up a time to come to the house to meet the parents before the first date.  You went out, he paid, you usually had a great time, and he dropped you off  before your set curfew.  So went dating in the 70’s.  Now fast forward 35 years….things have changed ALOT.  First you have to figure out where to find a man (more about that in future blogs), you meet in a public place for safety reasons , you each pay for your meal, and in my case….head home fast.  You no longer date, you “hang out” to see if you like each other.  If you like each other then you “hang out” until you decide you will become “official’.  Then after that you become boyfriend and girlfriend and see where that leads you.  OMG already……Take me back to the 70’s please…….

Coming up soon…internet dating……and all I can say is WOW!

Thanks again for stopping by and reading my thoughts. hehehehehe


4 responses to “Dating after 50

  1. I love reading your stories too! I agree you need to write a book. Also, when I was reading this the first name that came to mind was “Marvin”……haha…….sorry, had to say it!

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