Lets get started

Why start a blog?  Hmmm…… Well, last month I was quietly celebrating the birthday of my son Jonathan Patrick.  He would have been 16 years old, the age when you start becoming a man, the age when the girls start to swoon as you pass by, and the age when you look forward to getting that elusive drivers license.  We found out that he had anacephaly while I was 5 months pregnant and knew he would be carried to heaven by the angels shortly after his birth. Anacephaly is a neural tube defect where the brain does not develop.  So, I decided that maybe my experience would help someone who may be faced with the same tragedy.  I wish I could have talked to someone who could tell me what to expect, because we went into this blind.  This may not be a story for everyone to read……but if it helps even one person, then I know some good came out of our loss.   Of course that led me to a million other stories I could share, some sad, some just crazy funny, some that just will make you sit back and go “hey I remember that”…..We will see where this crazy ride will take us….and a BIG thank you to my future son in law Daryl for setting me up, because with all of the gravitars, widgets, gidgets and other assorted “computer mumbo jumbo”…momma Shelly didn’t know where to begin….so here we go…..and as always, thanks for stopping by.


5 responses to “Lets get started

  1. love this idea !!! and look forward to the reading. You are an awesome person so I know you will be entertaining to say the least.

  2. Shelly, you always have a funny story to share. Now this makes it official I guess. I know I will look forward to reading your stories and congratulations on your new adventure! Love ya girl ::)

  3. Proud of you Shelly! Please print each story after you write it, so you will have a hard copy to save. I think this is going to be great, and I already have a few stories I want to hear again, in print!

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